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Saturday Mass: 5 p.m.
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Wed. Evening Prayer: 6 p.m.

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What We're Reading: Book Reviews by members of OFP

January 2021

Sr. Toni, OFP is reading “On Hope” by Pope Francis—
What a joy to find , in this series of addresses of Pope Francis, a message of Hope—particularly in these days of challenge. 

“Christian hope is the expectation of something that has already been fulfilled, having the certainty that I am walking toward something that IS not something that I hope may be.  “ our Christian faith

 “We are called to become men and women of hope”  and “open our hearts to…a God who abandons his greatness to come close to each one of us.”  the Creator of the universe who wishes to be in relationship with us.

 “If we learn to read everything in the light of the Holy Spirit, we realize that everything is grace. Everything is gift.” As St Francis , for this reason we appropriate nothing to ourselves.

 “The hope we have been given…is an extraordinary gift of which we are called to make ourselves “channels” with humility and simplicity, for everyone.”  Our Franciscan vows, may we live them well.

“Our salvation is surely his gift, but as it is also a love story, he asks for our yes and our participation in his love. “ Our fiat.

Brothers and Sisters, we can, indeed MUST, hope and let that hope be a beacon in these dark days to help light the way for others to be drawn to our Lord.


Fr. Chris, OFP is reading: "On the Priesthood" by St. John Chrysostom.
     St. John Chrysostom (347-407 A.D.) was ArchBishop of Constantinople.
The moniker "Chrysostom" is Greek for "golden-mouthed." He was called this because of the eloquent and powerful manner of his speech. One of the most prolific writers of the early church, Chrysostom wrote commenatries on large protions of the Bible. His work "On the Priesthood" is a six-part essay which describes his personal call to priesthood, and offers insight and counsel, timeless words which are valuable to the priest even today. Anyone living the priestly vocation or aspiring to become a priest will find this work inspriring. Those not seeking ordination, but contemplating religious life as a Brother or Sister, will be equally blessed by this work.


December 2020

Sr. Toni, OFP is reading:  Same Kind of Different As Me :A Modern Day Slave, An International Art Dealer and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together.”by Ron Hall.
     With alternating perspective, this chronicles how the indifferent heart can be kindled by the Holy Spirit that in turn thaws the heart of a man frozen by circumstances, how each opens their heart to the Spirit and how newly united as found family they turn to help others. Initially convicting (how many of us want to render care but allow our money instead of our presence to do so) and inspiring to follow the example of opening ourselves to becoming intimately involved in another’s life, knowing, as our Father David Almond says “We all just want to be loved.”  


Fr. Chris, OFP is reading: "Advent and Christmas with Fulton J. Sheen". Edited and compiled by Judy Bauer.
     This is a book of daily scripture readings, prayers and reflections for the seasons of Advent and Christmas.  The daily reading is taken from one of the many books by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Each readings is a numbered day in the season (no actual dates) so that this book may be used every year as an addition to one's Daily Office or anytime that a few moments of peace allow one to read.