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February 25 - March 3, 2024

Friar's Footnotes by Fr. John Prenger, OFP

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 10. Set your clock AHEAD one hour.

Good Day to all!

We are well into Lent now.  I trust it has been good as we seek to respond to God's Grace in this season.  I just read these words today in my meditation time and they seem so apt for the season:  Grace is when God gives us something we do not deserve.  Mercy is when God does NOT give us what we DO deserve.  This is a season to stir up our awareness of God's GRACE and MERCY, as we focus on responding to the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus for us.  

Our upcoming weekend scriptures are Exodus 20: 1-17; Psalm 19; 1 Corinthians 1: 18-25; and John 2: 13-22.  The first reading is the giving of the 10 Commandments, called the Decalogue.  The second reading is about the Folly of the Cross: foolishness to Greeks (i.e.,smart people), and a stumbling block to Jews.  Yet the Passion and Death of The Christ is how we are won back and given Eternal Life.  Finally, the gospel is about Jesus challenging the money changers at the Temple and predicting His Resurrection as THE RISING NEW TEMPLE: HIS BODY.

Tuesday Noon Eucharist (February 27), Fr. John presiding
After Noon Eucharist, we will discuss Bonhoeffer's LIFE TOGETHER, chapter 2) 
Thursday Noon Eucharist (February 29), Fr. Jim presiding  (You ought to consider coming--it will be a once-in-four-year experience--February 29)
Friday Fraternity Fellowship at 7 pm on GoToMeeting, (Jim Jantz will run the program)
Saturday 5 pm Eucharist (March 2), Fr. Jim presiding

"When you are going from one place to another, or on a journey, let your lips continually ruminate something from the scriptures, grinding the psalm as in a mortar, so that they may ever give forth an odor of aromatic plants."  St. Peter Damien

"If our prayers seem not to be answered, it is either because we do not ask rightly, or we do not ask for the right thing."  St. Augustine

"To will what God wills, as God wills it and as far as He wills it."  Blessed Maria Dominici

"Knowing God is more important than knowing about God."   Fr. Karl Rahner SJ, prominent theologian at Vatican Council 2

That does it for me.  God bless our observances of Lent.  Love to all.

Fr. John ofp



Padre’s Pontifications by Fr. Jim McNeely

February 2024

1.     As we approach Lent, I hope that you will avail yourself of confession. Sacramental confession is the church’s offering to the public to help deal with the problems we all experience in life. Please feel free to contact Fr. John or myself to schedule a time for you to make confession. Lent is the perfect time for that.

2.     During Lent, Jim Jantz plans to lead us in discussing Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together. This book is THE text to help congregations and small groups to know what the Christian life is in community and how best to live harmoniously as God’s people. The study is on Tuesdays after Mass.

3.     The book The Celtic Way of Evangelism promises to be a critical text for our congregation in the months to come. I ordered a few more of the paper copies that will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

4.     We are preparing for the first discipleship workshop of the calendar year on February 10, 9:00 AM, at the chapel. I’m presenting the powerful tools of Inductive Bible Study to help take your Bible study to the next level. If you plan to join us, please send me a text or email.

5.     Mark your calendars for July 28! We are attending the Chicago Cubs vs. Kansas City Royals baseball game in Kansas City. THIS IS AN EVANGELISTIC EVENT!!! We are asking each family to bring one person who is not a part of our community and who is potentially interested in Christianity, the Franciscan Penitents Order, or being part of our community to this event. The purpose is two-fold…(1) For our community to gather together for deeply important fellowship, and (2) welcoming newcomers in a very friendly and low-pressure environment.

6.     When I use the word “congregation” I mean those in the Order and those who attend worship. We are one congregation made up of two groups. The Franciscan Penitent Order is always an option to deepen your spiritual formation, and I encourage all who sense a call to that end to at least get some information and ask questions. But even if you are not in the Order, you are a “Friend of Francis”…and we welcome you!

7.     The congregation needs your prayers! Two special ongoing concerns seem critical at this time: (1) Discernment about our future, and; (2) God’s help for our financial health.

8.     Overheard at the Mass on February 3, 2024. A certain priest of the community offered prayers for the gathered congregation that God would strike them with disease. Bishop Davidson was not readily available for comment. The other priest present  laughed so hard that the service had to be postponed so he could get sufficient oxygen to lead music…

Dr. Jim McNeely+
Parent, Priest, Person