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January 16-23, 2022

As I write this, the country is celebrating the life of a prophet to our country who challenged racism and spoke for the poor and marginalized, Reverend Martin Luther King.  Just this morning I listened to part of his speech challenging our country's role as a purveyor of war and then part of his speech the day before he was assassinated.  He was so formed by the Gospel of peace and justice.

Speaking of peace and justice, and the time we live in, I am proud of our communion, the Charismatic Episcopal Church, for being a Pro-Life Church. Many of us will be journeying to Washington DC to join others for the March for Life this coming weekend.  We pray with them and hope that their witness will lead our nation to what Catholic Cardinal Joseph Bernardin called a 'seamless garment', a total and consistent Life-Ethic.  No more hate speech, no more flaming posts on the internet, care-full use of guns, welcome to immigrants, to name a few other ways we can bring forth life, liberty, and the pursuit of Gospel Peace and Justice.  Lord Jesus, we NEED Your Holy Spirit to guide and empower us!!  The country and world are looking for our Christian witness.

The upcoming weekend Scriptures are Nehemiah 8: 1-10; Psalm 19; 1 Corinthians 12: 12-20 (21-31); and Luke 4: 14-21.  The gospel tells of the beginning of Jesus' ministry as Luke records it. I bid you read past to verse 31 because the narrative belongs together.  Yet, we will get that gospel next week--a problem for the preacher.  But it gives a fuller picture to read the whole section.  We have a similar issue with 1 Corinthians 12, 13, and 14, which will come in through the next few weekend scriptures.  Take a look at all of these chapters.  I believe it will be a bit of a bible study in these weeks approaching Lent.

Chapel Schedule
Tuesday and Thursday noon Eucharist (January 18 and 20)
Thursday formation time for our postulant, Shannon, after the noon Eucharist.
Saturday 5 pm Eucharist on January 22
Fraternity business meeting on Go To Meeting at 7 pm on Saturday January 22


"My only ambition is to serve God in the most humble circumstances"  St. Andre Bessette

"I wish to be a poor woman and I am happy with it, because it seems to me that this way I am loved even more by the Lord ...It is not riches, but doing the will of God, that makes the heart happy."   Blessed Eurosia Fabris (a secular Franciscan}
"May we not weep for all eternity because we have misused the present life; for after death tears are of no avail.  Now is the acceptable time: now is the day of salvation."  St. Theodosius

That does it.  Blessed and prayerful feast of Martin Luther King

Fr. John ofp

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