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December 3-10, 2023

Friar's Footnotes by Fr. John Prenger, OFP

Hello to all.

We are in the first week of Advent as I write this and I want to remind us that our Advent is cut short this year because in essence there is no 4th week of Advent.  The 4th Sunday is actually THE 24th.  So, most of our advent preparation is being done in 3 weeks. The thought to take away is we need to be well into our special Advent observances (prayer, meditation, lectionary scriptures, etc) right now.  (No pressure!  As if our consumer culture is not adding pressure of its own??)

The upcoming texts for the second Sunday of Advent are Isaiah 40: 1-11; Psalm 85; 2 Peter 3: 8-15; and Mark 1:1-8.  Our first reading speaks peace and comfort to God's people and encourages us to prepare a way, a road to God.  It assures us that the Word of God stands forever to a redeemed people who are to bring 'Good News' to the world about a God who shepherds  His people.

The reading from Second Peter reminds us that the Day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night and that we are to be found being holy and upright in our conduct.

The gospel is the beginning of Mark's Gospel introducing us to the figure of John the  Baptizer, the prophesied forerunner preparing the way/road for the Messiah.

Chapel Schedule
Tuesday Noon Eucharist (December 5), Fr. John presiding
Thursday Noon Eucharist (December 7), Fr. Jim presiding
Saturday 5 pm Eucharist (December 9) Fr. John presiding

"Pray for the dead, but fight like hell for the living"  Mother Jones, the labor activist.

"Several times I have decided to leave--I almost could except for the children, the poor bruised victims of adult lunacy.  Who would care for them?  Whose heart would be so staunch as to favor the reasonable thing in a sea of their tears and loneliness?  Not mine, dear friend, not mine?'   Jean Donovan, martyred lay missionary with 3 women religious on December 2, 1980 in the civil war in El Salvador.

I give both of the above quotes as I bid us to PRAY that the insanity in Ukraine and Gaza will come to an end.  "Oh, break open the heavens and come down...make Your Name know to your adversaries, that the nations may tremble at your presence...Isaiah 64: 1, 2   O Come, O Come, Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel.....Maranatha!!

God bless your week!


Fr. John ofp



Padre’s Pontifications by Fr. Jim McNeely


Hi again! Here is yet another edition of this newsletter. The purpose is to update and inform the stakeholders of the Chapel of the Order of Franciscan Penitents. This letter supplements the weekly “Friars Notes” from Fr. John Prenger.

This letter includes both serious visioneering and notes from books, sermons, Scripture, and even social media. But it also has lighthearted stuff that I hope will improve your day.

Without further adieu, let’s begin!

Visioneering: “We stand on the shoulders of those who’ve come before us!” I dare to ask God to bring us the hurting who need healing. I believe the light of our community can beckon the lost to find Christ and the Gospel.

Quote for the Month: “Well, I just remembered that…this morning, when the sun was coming up, I…Oooh! And then the cats came by…that reminds me I need cat litter…anyway…what was I saying?” -Fr. John Prenger.

Amen, Reverend. Amen. ;)

3. Prayer. Remember to pray for Fr. Chris Keough and his family. Also please pray for the situation in the Middle East and Ukraine. And pray also for Kyle and Louie.

4. Challenge for November: Gratitude. Express appreciation to others. Make someone’s day.

Dr. Jim McNeely+
Parent, Priest, Person