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October 2-9, 2022

Hello to all,

Chapel Schedule:
October 2-4 the Fraternity will be doing a Retreat together guided by Fr. David Almond ofp
      We will celebrate TRANSITUS (the passing of St. Francis from death to life on October 3) and Eucharist together on the feast of St. Francis on October 4

Please lift our Fraternity in prayer those days 
NO Tuesday Eucharist at the chapel on October 4.

"If you show much eagerness in welcoming some famous and distinguished person you do nothing remarkable; often the high rank of a guest compels even reluctant hosts to show every sign of courtesy. But we do something truly great and admirable when we give a most courteous welcome to all, even the outcasts of society or people of humble condition.  Hence Christ himself praised those who so acted, declaring 'Whatever you did for one of these very poor people you did to me.'"  St John Chrysostom
(Strong gospel guidance on how to deal with folks, homeless on the streets and at our borders)

"It is not by our own power that we treat you, but by the power of Christ, the true God.  Believe in Him and be healed."  Sts. Cosmas and Damian, physicians, healers and Roman martyrs of third-century Rome

Again, Pray with and for our Fraternity as we make retreat together.

Love to all,

Fr. John, OFP

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