The Order of Franciscan Penitents

Chapel of Sts. Francis & Clare
1004 N. College Avenue
Columbia, Missouri 65201

Saturday Mass: 5 p.m.
Tues. & Thurs. Mass: noon
Wed. Evening Prayer: 6 p.m.

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Come Worship With Us!

Join us for Worship at our Franciscan Chapel, 1004 N. College Avenue in Columbia, Missouri.

Saturday mass is at 5pm, followed by fellowship (about 90 minutes.) Tuesday and Thursday mass at Noon (about thirty minutes)

All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion


May 9-16, 2021

Hello to all as we go deeper into May.

It is the season of graduations, so we send prayers and blessings to all who are moving forward in their lives through graduation. This is also the week of the celebration of the Ascension of Jesus, as the Christ to rule as King of the Universe at the right hand of the Father, which we will do on Thursday. (Some churches celebrate the Ascension on this upcoming Sunday.)  The time between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost is the original novena--nine days of seeking the Holy Spirit for infilling and empowerment of ourselves and of the whole Church. So, if you are able, join us for noon Mass on Thursday, May 13 to begin the novena.  

Scriptures for Ascension are Acts 1: 1-11; Psalm 47; Ephesians 1: 15--23; Luke 24: 44-53.

Scriptures for the Seventh Sunday of Easter-B are Acts 1: 15-17, 21-16; Psalm 1; 1 John 5: 9-13; John 17: 11-19.  The reading from Acts tells us of the election of Matthias to replace Judas and be numbered among the Twelve Apostles.  The reading from 1 John tells us of witness and testimony.  God's witness to His Son is greater than any human witness and because of Him we have Life Eternal.  John 17 is part of Jesus' prayer for us as He was about to leave us by His cross and death, asking that we be preserved from the evil one and be sanctified in truth.  He then sends us in His name into the world.

Chapel Schedule

Tuesday, May 11 and Ascension Thursday, May 13--Noon Eucharist
Saturday, May 15, 5 pm Eucharist also available on Facebook.
7 pm Saturday, Third Saturday 7 pm Fraternity business meeting on Go To Meeting.


Keep in mind, the possibility of working with other church members on Saturday, June 5th in the cooperative effort called ForColumbia.

Also, let's be in prayer for our sister Shannon Swoboda, who will be received as a postulant in the Order of Franciscan Penitents the following weekend (May 22) along with our young sister, Chiara Prenger, as she will sacramentally confirm her baptism on that same day.

"Lord, I am Yours,
   and I must belong to no one but You.
My soul is Yours,
   and must live only by You.
My will is Yours,
   and must love only for You.
I must love You as my first cause,
   since I am from You.
I must love You as my end and rest,
   since I am for You.
I must love You more than my own being,
   since my being subsists by You.
I must love You more than myself,
   since I am all Yours and all in You.  
Amen"        --from the treatise on the Love of God, by St. Francis de Sales.

That is about all I have.

Love to all,

Fr. John, OFP


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