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Chapel of Sts. Francis & Clare
1004 N. College Avenue
Columbia, Missouri 65201

Saturday Mass: 5 p.m.
Tues. & Thurs. Mass: noon
Wed. Evening Prayer: 6 p.m.


Come Worship With Us!

Join us for Worship at our Franciscan Chapel, 1004 N. College Avenue in Columbia, Missouri.

Saturday mass is at 5pm, followed by fellowship (about 90 minutes.) Tuesday and Thursday mass at Noon (about thirty minutes)

All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion


WEEK OF July 26 to August 2, 2015

Love and blessings of the Lord Jesus be with you all!

Our scriptures for consideration this weekend are: Exodus 16: 2-15, psalm 78, 1 Corinthians 10;1-6; and John 6: 24-35. (Note these are in our lectionary, but differ a bit from those given in our CEC calendar)

Over the five Sundays of August, we depart from our study of Mark's Gospel to sojourn in John chapter 6. Though we at our chapel considered Mark 6: 30-44 two weeks ago and Mark 6: 45-56 last weekend, you will find that the beginning of John 6 (verses 1 to 23) is THE parallel to it. So we have heard of the miracle of the bread and fish, then the approach of Jesus to the boat of disciples on the stormy sea, saying 'Don't fear, it is I!'. Now with this scripture, John 6: 24 and following we have the crowds coming to Jesus looking to be filled (like God is a genie in a bottle). Jesus claims 'My Father gives the true heavenly bread....I am the bread of life.

The first reading is the Old Testament account of God's sustaining His people in the desert with Manna--food for their journey. Clearly this is an Old Testament TYPE that is fulfilled as Jesus is our real heavenly bread.

The second reading has St. Paul commenting on this wilderness feeding and making the direct connection to the action of Christ, whom he calls the ROCK of our salvation.

Opportunities at the chapel this week:
Tuesday and Thursday noon Eucharist
Wednesday evening prayer at 5 pm
(The Silence the violence prayer walk starts at Boys/Girls club at Sexton and Garth at 6 pm. Neither Jim nor I will be able to be there)
This weekend Bishop Jones of our southern diocese is ministering at our cathedral on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Several of our community are attending. I WILL BE BACK TO PRESIDE AT 5 PM EUCHARIST ON SATURDAY.

That's all folks! Love to all. Yer bro who also happens to be a presbyter at your service!

Fr. John OFP