The Order of Franciscan Penitents

Chapel of Sts. Francis & Clare
1004 N. College Avenue
Columbia, Missouri 65201

Saturday Mass: 5 p.m.
Tues. & Thurs. Mass: noon
Wed. Evening Prayer: 6 p.m.


Come Worship With Us!

Join us for Worship at our Franciscan Chapel, 1004 N. College Avenue in Columbia, Missouri.

Saturday mass is at 5pm, followed by fellowship (about 90 minutes.) Tuesday and Thursday mass at Noon (about thirty minutes)

All baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion


WEEK OF August 23 to August 30, 2015

Good day to all! This is the Day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it!

Our upcoming scriptures (From the CEC lectionary and not our CEC calendar) are Deuteronomy 4: 1-9; psalm 15; James 1: 13-18 and Mark 7: 14-23. I recommend reading the scriptures around these texts to catch the context.

Deuteronomy calls us to listen and obey the Lord's statutes and ordinances We are to pass them on to our children and then to their children. The Lord is the God of the Living, not the dead.

This weekend we begin five weekends of listening to the wisdom of the letter of St. James. In our text here, we learn that God tempts no one! Rather it is our own desires that conceive and give birth to sin, which when it comes to term begets death.

We now return to the Gospel of Mark (after sojourning in John 6 for several weeks). Here we learn a very important spiritual principle: certain outside foods don't make us impure. What really defiles us is the junk that proceeds from the recesses of our heart--our deepest self--that is what defiles us. Our prayer needs to be 'create in me a clean heart, O God!' Blessed are the pure of heart...they shall see God!


No noon Mass on Tuesday, August 25
No evening prayer on Wednesday August 26

YES, there is NOON MASS on Thursday August 27

Friday Sharon and I leave with my sister Carol to participate in a conference called THE FRANCIS FACTOR, in Albuquerque, NM. lead by Fr. Richard Rohr ofm, S. Ilia Delio osf, and Shayne Claiborne. Its purpose is to apply the spiritual insights of St. Francis and pope Francis to today's world. Hold us in prayer for traveling mercies and an enlightening conference.

YES, Saturday August 29 at 5 pm there is EVENING PRAYER with Reserved Holy Communion at the chapel with "psalms, hymns, and inspired songs" (Ephesians 5: 19). You just don't have a priest presiding.

NO Tuesday noon Eucharist September 1

Check with Jim Jantz to see about Evening Prayer Wednesday September 2.

My hope is to preside at Noon Eucharist on Thursday September 3. (Depends a bit on travel.) So probably YES to Noon Eucharist that day.

Probably NO FRIAR'S FOOTNOTES for the week before Labor Day.

On Saturday September 5 THE FIRST WEEKEND OF THE MONTH AND LABOR DAY WEEKEND is also our WHEN WE EAT, THEY EAT time. And, I am presider at a wedding at 5 pm that evening.
On September 5, we will gather for the CARRY IN MEAL at 5 pm, and I will join you to PRESIDE AT THE EUCHARIST at 7 pm.
Yes, that's right, we will reverse the order: meal first, then prayer and praise and maybe reading of the scriptures, then I will lead us in the Eucharist as I am able to join you.

Don't forget to bring some food or money to share with the food pantry that evening.

Again, I feel that we carry you "Francis lovers" with us to this conference. Do keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Much, much love to you my "franciscan friends".

Your brother in Francis and Clare and especially the Lord Jesus,

Fr. John OFP