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November 27 - December 4, 2022

Hello to all!  I trust you enjoyed the Thanksgiving holidays.  I certainly did.

We are well into our Advent time.  Our culture's secular emphasis can get in the way of really preparing to celebrate the Incarnation--that WONDER that our God truly came in flesh.  Our upcoming texts are Isaiah 11: 1-10; Psalm 72; Romans 15: 4-15; Matthew 3: 1-12.  The Isaiah reading is the one Jesus quoted at the beginning of His public ministry in Luke.  The Spirit of the Lord will be all over the Messiah when He comes among us.  The Romans account speaks of Scriptures as being given for our instruction that we might have hope and think in harmony.  The gospel is Matthew's description of John the Baptizer's preparation of the people as the Messiah was about to be revealed.

Chapel Schedule
Tuesday and Thursday noon Eucharist (November 29, December 1)
Friday Fraternity Fellowship 7 pm (December 2)
Saturday 5 pm Eucharist (December 3)

(This is from Fr. Timothy Radcliffe OP, former master general of the Dominican Order worldwide)
" 'It is now the hour for you to awake from sleep.'  We are often urged to be "woke", a term derived from the civil rights movement.  Being woke means being alert to the hidden prejudices that haunt our language and shape how we see the world.  This is good, but the danger is that we may sniff out microaggressions everywhere, small slights and snubs that were never intended, and it becomes hard for us to be at ease with each other.  To be "awake" as a Christian means, in the words of Isaiah, to "walk in the light of the Lord".  We become alert to the tiniest hints of the divine presence.  The holy thief breaks into our lives quietly, the barely audible click of a door, the softest padding of feet.  God steals into our lives in an unexpected stranger's generosity, a smile that is pure gift.  Be alert!"


Blessed Advent to all! 

Fr. John ofp

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